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We strongly believe Physical Education is a vital part of the curriculum, as participation in PE helps children develop self-discipline, self-awareness, confidence and the ability work as a member of a team – skills that are vital across the curriculum and to their success in both childhood and adulthood.

We carefully plan our sessions to be engaging as well as informative. We prepare games and activities for the children whilst also teaching them the basic skills and game play.

We effectively plan, conduct and evaluate teaching and coaching sessions to meet objectives set by the school curriculum around acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas, evaluating and improving performance, and knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

We know the pressures placed on teachers across the curriculum, and have experience in supporting them to meet the deliverables required by Ofsted. With Primary school sport transformed thanks to a £150m-a-year boost from government, which could run until 2020, let us work with you to meet those requirements at no additional cost to your school.

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Curriculum PE

At the heart of any thriving school, is a great PE structure.

We effectively plan, conduct and evaluate teaching and coaching sessions to meet objectives set by the school curriculum around acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas, evaluating and improving performance, and knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

Ofsted have found that in primary schools in particular, some teachers can lack the specialist knowledge needed to teach PE well and outcomes for pupils are not as great as they could be. More able pupils are not always challenged to achieve their very best, and levels of personal fitness are not high enough. We know the pressures placed on teachers across the curriculum, and have experience in supporting them to meet the deliverables required from funding such as this.

The impact of our support and work in schools can be seen in the following ways:

  • Increased expectations of pupils of all abilities;
  • Improved relationships between teacher and pupils, leading to higher levels of engagement in class;
  • Pupils being inspired to try hard and achieve their very best;
  • Excellent subject knowledge enabling teachers to model techniques to show pupils the standards expected;
  • Proven improvements in behavioural issues beyond the gym or sports court, where children demonstrate more confidence and higher ability to work well with classmates and teachers;
  • Zero time wasting and a fast pace of learning;
  • Lessons which are sharply focused and meet curriculum requirements, based securely on high-quality long-term planning;
  • Teachers planning together to avoid duplication of activities across key stages and ensuring that lessons contain suitably challenging tasks for pupils of different ages and abilities;
  • Pupils having regular opportunities to be creative, make decisions for themselves and practice skills independently, in pairs and small groups.

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PPA Cover

Some head teachers choose to deploy Sporting Steps staff within their school to deliver physical education and wellbeing programmes, in line with the national curriculum and Ofsted regulations for all sports.

Working under the direction of the PE coordinator, we are able to release teaching staff for their required PPA time. All the programmes we run in schools are tailored to the individual school’s needs, taking account of the specific year’s need for progressive learning within the national Curriculum. We can coach a physical education syllabus or specialise in a single sport, for as many days in the week as your school may require.

Our lessons are fun as well as informative. We aim to give all children a varied programme of athletics, dance, gymnastics and team games. Through games, gymnastics and dance, children learn to control their bodies, develop physical competence and gain confidence in movement.

Teacher Training

Some of our schools use Sporting Steps Curriculum PE support to develop staff confidence and expertise within specific areas of the PE curriculum. This works by inviting Sporting Steps representative to work alongside a class teacher for a number of weeks. This often leads to specific workshops where all teaching staff can benefit from the experience of Sporting Steps training schemes and delivery methods.

We find that teachers’ lack of detailed subject knowledge can limit the quality of feedback given to pupils about what they needed to do to improve. Again, this is inevitably always down to time or workload pressure. They can be unsure about the step-by-step stages in teaching skills, and are sometimes unaware of the standards that pupils should achieve by the end of each key stage.

A teacher working alongside one of our coaches will benefit from:

  • Clear guidance on how to teach technical aspects of games and newly introduced techniques and tactical guidance;
  • Specialist coaches to build staff confidence and competence in introducing and developing new skills, raising their expectations of what pupils could and should attain by the end of each key stage;
  • Access to resources designed to improve the quality of teaching by illustrating the introduction and development of skills;
  • Planning support for non-specialist teachers for pupils of different ages and abilities, assessing their progress against the National Curriculum attainment target for PE;
  • Provision of an up-to-date scheme of work for PE that enables them to plan collaboratively and reduce doubling-up on work across year groups.

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Specialist Coaching

We offer specialised coaching in a range of sports to help up-weight learning and team training in the lead up to a competition, trial or test.

Specialist coaching is available to individual or small group sessions for sports competitions – e.g. schools tournaments, or regular training for school sports teams over a school term or yearly period. These sessions can take place before, during or after school as required.

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Sports Day

Sports Days are an important part of any school calendar. Sporting Steps can run your most important sports event of the year from start to finish. We can take care of all the details including timings, settings, equipment and staff arrangements as well as pre-event coaching and planning for all year groups.

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School Feedback

Elizabeth Blake, Headteacher at Orchard Way Primary School

“We have found the curriculum support highly effective in terms of developing teachers’ expertise and confidence. They have a more detailed understanding of a wider range of sports and their organisation of PE sessions is much improved. Pupils of different abilities are better challenged and teachers feel more able to use a wider variety of resources to support the learning.

The coaches are skilled both in terms of sporting ability and behaviour management and are also excellent coaches for experienced and less experienced teachers. Pupils of all ages look forward to the PE lessons and the extra-curricular clubs that are run by Sporting Steps.”

Linda O’Callaghan, Headteacher at St Mary’s Catholic Infant School

““We have used Sporting Steps to provide sports coaching for all our children from nursery to year 6, and to run after school sports clubs for Year 1 and Year 2 pupils for the past six years and we have always been delighted with the high level of service that has been provided. Matthew, our sports coach is professional, calm and very positive in his dealings with the children, and works extremely well with both staff and parents. His coaching is carefully and thoroughly planned and he sets very high standards for the children which result in excellent outcomes.”

Dustin Carere, Sports Coordinator at Chislehurst Primary School

“Sporting Steps provide safe, exciting and well-structured curriculum teaching as well as after-school coaching. The kids love the sessions and since Sporting Steps have come in, our after-school rugby club has never been so well-attended!”

Madeleine Minty, Reception teacher, St Marys Infant School

“Our Children absolutely love their sports time with our Sporting Steps coach. They turn up every week looking forward to their PE. They provide a fantastic physical education curriculum throughout the year for all my children, and are able to adapt it brilliantly to each child’s ability. Our sports coach is brilliant at motivating the children throughout their PE lesson, with over half of my class signing up to an extra curriculum activity with them. They are also a great help to me as a teacher as they provide an in-depth lesson plan each week, along with keeping a progress report on each child throughout the year.”

Christopher Caws, Bromley School Sport Partnership

In an excellent recent assessment of Sporting Steps Head Coach Matthew Yianni, Christopher Caws concluded that the participants of a school tag rugby course were:”benefiting from a coach who is very motivated, a good communicator and a great role model.”

James Cleverly, Director of Rugby, Glebe School

“Matthew Yianni, of Sporting Steps, is one of the most Professional and Enthusiastic Coaches I have worked with throughout my 8 years of school experience. The children’s enjoyment levels are rivaled only by his own!”

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